Thank You for Your Support!

It was a big year for us. About 500 people attended this year's festival events. That's at least five times the amount of last year. And the feedback has been great. Soon we will have the totals to see just how much we were able to raise for CA Food Literacy Center.

It is therefore important to give a final "Thank You" to the following contributors:

The awesome volunteers of CA Food Literacy Center
Bill Ngo from Kru
Adam Pechal

The Sacramento Food Film Festival was created in 2012 as a way to showcase food themed documentaries. This year we grow to 10 days worth of events and will include a mixture of documentaries and dramas. 

March 20-30, 2014


Thursday, March 20 - 6-9pm
Food Film Festival Premiere at Ten22!

Saturday, March 22 - 4-6pm
Film: Beer Wars
Tuesday, March 25 - 7pm
Film: Bottle Shock

Wednesday, March 26 - 6:30pm
Film: Cafeteria Man

Friday, March 28 - 6pm
Film: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Saturday, March 29 - 5pm
Film: The Slow Food Story

Sunday, March 30 - 4-6pm
Film: Sweet, Sexy Ocean