The Sacramento Food Film Festival was born from the idea that we must educate 

the public about our food system, and work collaboratively to create positive change. We 

seek to bring educational films to our region that are otherwise ignored by traditional 

theaters—and to create a community dialog to improve food literacy and invoke action to 

improve our food system. 

Approximately 40 percent of Sacramento-area children are overweight or obese.

Nearly 75 percent of Americans do not consume the recommended daily amount of fruits 

and vegetables, and two generations do not know how to cook. Additionally, the food 

system is responsible for one-third of the greenhouse gas emissions that are heating our 

In Sacramento, the capital of one of the most powerful states (and the eighth largest 

economy in the world), we view it as our responsibility to introduce thought-provoking 

food topics that inspire discussion. One of our region’s unique abilities is to bring local food 

leaders together to collaborate amongst large and small-scale farmers, university experts 

and nonprofits to provide food education and produce a new generation of local chefs,

farmers and informed citizens.

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